Steelers no more

Brown and Bell move on from Pittsburgh

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Steelers no more

William Zytnick, North Campus Staff

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After months of drama and fan outrage, the Antonio Brown saga has now officially come to an end.

Brown will be shipped to the Oakland Raiders for a third round pick & a fifth round pick. Both picks are in this upcoming draft and the trade will become official on Wednesday March 13th when NFL free agency begins.

Brown also agreed to a small extension with the Raiders, which was a three year deal worth 50 million dollars. 30 million of that is guaranteed.

Most Steeler fans are jumping for joy at the news of the trade. Not only is the latest problem surrounding the Steelers gone, but there will definitely be less drama this season with Brown traded. The problem that might have a ripple effect on the trade involving Brown is the return the Steelers received from the Raiders.

Before the trade went down the Steelers had a deal in place with the Buffalo Bills where they would have gotten exactly what they wanted, but Buffalo reportedly offered a first rounder and a second rounder both in this year’s draft for Brown. At the last minute, Brown nixed the trade because he would not report to Buffalo.

At the end of the day nobody wins except for Brown. He gets his new contract, new team, and a fresh start. The ones that suffer are the Steelers and their fans. Brown permanently burned his bridges with the Steelers, the city of Pittsburgh, and the fan base.

Which now leads to another drama player, formerly within the Steeler organization, Le’Veon Bell, who now officially has a new home for the first time since 2017.

Bell agreed to sign with the New York Jets for a four year contract worth 52.5 million dollars and gets thirty-five million guaranteed from New York. This deal does come with a little bit of a surprise, in February of last year Bell told TMZ, “I’ll sign with the Jets for 100 Million dollars.” This contract does not reflect his comment, but the Steelers are now finally rid of drama driven players Brown and Bell.

Brown’s Camp tried to shy away from money-driven plays toward the media. With Bell it was quite obvious he was only interested from day one to play for the money instead of helping the team.
At the end of the day, the Steelers did what had to be done for the betterment of the team and for Steeler Nation.

Steelers fans all over have just two words they would like to say to Dumb & Dumber aka Bell and Brown; GOOD RIDDANCE!