CCAC partnership with HS recognized


Andrew Cardone

The educational partnership between Northgate High School and North Campus allows local high school students to earn college credits.

Marissa Wiesenbach, North Campus Editor

The College in High School Program at Northgate High School, created as a partnership between CCAC North Campus and the Northgate School District, was recognized as an educational innovation in the Pittsburgh region.

This College in High School (CIHS) Program allows high school students to earn college credits while taking classes on-site at Northgate High School, and it was recognized as an innovation in education by HundrED, a not-for-profit organization which seeks and shares inspiring innovations in K12 education.

The educational partnership between Northgate High School and CCAC North Campus was one of 82 innovations highlighted by HundrED in a three-part series of online articles.

And now, the CIHS Program at Northgate High School may be called out by HundrED as one of the most impactful, scalable, and innovative ideas in education in the Pittsburgh region.

Specifically, the partnership may be nominated this month as one of the top 10 innovations in K12 education located in the Pittsburgh region.

HundrED recognizes Northgate High School as a transformative innovator and is highlighting the opportunities available to students attending Northgate High School, which is located Bellevue, Penn.

This local public school offers students college credits that are fully transferable and occur in almost every academic content area in grades 10 through 12.

In the CIHS program, high school faculty, who teach the college classes, are paired with CCAC faculty liaisons to ensure academic rigor, appropriate assessment, curriculum review and textbook choice.

This program began at Northgate just last year, and it allows students to earn a 30-credit General Education Certification as they receive their high school diploma.

If they choose, these students can enroll with CCAC after high school graduation to earn an associate degree.

Dr. Gretchen Mullin-Sawicki, President of North Campus, says, “We are thrilled to be partnering with the Northgate School District to bring college in high school (CIHS) to the district.”

Northgate High School students who are enrolled in the CIHS Program are able to stay at their own school rather than attending North Campus. In addition, they pay less tuition costs than typical CCAC students.

Students of Northgate High School who are enrolled in the CIHS Program have the opportunity to receive scholarships, such as need-based scholarships offered by North Campus.

According to Dr. Mullin-Sawicki, the Northgate School District just received another grant that will assist students who are unable to pay for CIHS courses.

Dr. Mullin-Sawicki says, “Recently, the district received a generous grant from the Grable Foundation to provide 16 college credits in Biology, Computer Science, Human Geography, Business Communications, and Government for free to their students for three years. This financial support will enable all students at Northgate who meet pre-requisites to participate in the program.”