CCAC apologizes for disclosing former students’ info

Aidan Segal, North Campus Editor

The Community College of Allegheny (CCAC) reached out to law-enforcement after former students unknowingly had their personal information leaked to an individual request, according to an staff-sent email from James M. Flynn Jr., a controller in the accounting department.

“On March 27, 2019, CCAC responded to a Right to Know Law request it received for certain records relating to former students by providing data to the requester in the form of spreadsheets,” said Mr. Flynn Jr. “All personally identifiable information relating to CCAC’s former students was redacted from the spreadsheets before the information was provided to the requester.”

Aaron Laurent, a CCAC North student, reacted to error.

“Due to an occurrence like that I am led to believe that current procedure isn’t enough but I would trust CCAC if they made it a priority,” Laurent said. “And I am always reluctant to give out personal info so it doesn’t make a change.”

Caused by “technical failures in the redaction process,” the personal information requested by the individual including “name, student identification number or social security number, and amounts due to CCAC for unpaid fees and charges,” was made available.

As stated in the email, the school is offering a free membership of Experian Identity Works Credit 3B to an approximate 4,100 people who may have been affected by the error.

CCAC offered their apologies for the inconvenience and “is reviewing its procedures and technology to ensure the future security of sensitive student information.”

Anyone affected by information disclosure are directed to the toll-free confidential outline.