XFL fumbles in releasing new teams

David Heilman, North Campus Staff

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“The XFL will kickoff in 2020, and quite frankly were going to give the game of football back to fans.” Vince Mcmahon’s leading line to the press conference he released back in May of 2018. On August 21st Vince gave the fans their first look at what the returning XFL will look like by releasing team logos for the eight inaugural teams. Eight short video packages were released allowing fans to get a glimpse at the origin story for each of the eight teams. The team names include St. Louis BattleHawks, Tampa Bay Vipers, New York Guardians, Seattle Dragons, Los Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks and the one of a kind name Angeles Wildcats.


XFL President and COO Jeffrey Pollack said in a league statement. “Now it’s up to our fans and players to help write the story. What happens on the field and in the community, in the years ahead, will determine the true spirit of each team.” However the response to the new development may not have been what they were hoping for as it has been all but positive.


Media articles have been anything but positive, SBNation had Tyson Whiting their senior designer comment on the logos. His comment on the D.C. Defenders speaks to many of fans opinions. “What is a Defender anyway? You could probably make this on a free logo maker. Hurts my heart because DC is my city. It all feels empty and boring zZzZz.”

Barry Petchesky from Deadspin“They look like the teams in a direct-to-Netflix movie that opted not to pay up for real Arena Football rights.”

Published media is not alone in the ridicule of the release. Alex Powlowski spoke his mind on twitter  “So the XFL created some pretty decent logos and team names … then hired your local Dungeon Master to write the team descriptions.”

The XFL was cancelled after just one season on NBC and the resurrection of the product came as a surprise to many. The product has had a mixed reception since it’s announcement last year. Admittedly some positive reception from teasing potential NFL stars like Johnny Manziel and the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Landry Jones. However, the main excitement for many came in the hope that fans could have a chance to experience a new feeling for football. Something reminisent of what the first iteration of the XFL gave it’s audience. With the release of these perfectly normal logos fans’ already hesitant excitement may have been subdued. The only further question as we wait for February to come is what’s next?