IT: Chapter Two is more funny than frightening

Brandan Hart, North Campus Staff

IT: Chapter Two was a lovely comedy, with cerebral and surreal visuals that started off as scary, but were undermined Bill Hader’s dialog being funnier than the visuals were scary. The movie isn’t as much about horror as the first chapter.

The first chapter saw the action rising into a peak when The Losers banish Pennywise, albeit temporarily, and the acting starts its natural downward motion after the group makes a blood pact to meet up if Pennywise ever comes back. This leads the way into the basis for the second movie.

While IT: Chapter One focuses on raising the stakes, introducing characters, setting up the story, and establishing lore, IT: Chapter Two focuses more on moving on from the pains of one’s childhood, and moving on with one’s life. Despite The Losers getting back together in Derry and seeing things similar to their respective traumatic childhoods, the reactions are thematically different.

For a theater-goer hoping for a horror movie, this may be a deal breaker. For someone looking for a fun thriller and a beautiful ending to a beautiful prequel, it may be exactly what they want.

The only screams IT: Chapter Two was capable of generating were those of surprise from infrequent and tasteful jump-scares.

The visuals were inarguably next-level compared to other contemporary films of similar budgets. The visuals looked very real. Beyond the uncanny valley, the strange glimmer that appears on skin tones from even the best CGI, and the plastique appearance of practical effects, but thoroughly real.

If ten years down the line Steven King confessed to summoning real Cthulhu monsters for some of the visuals, it wouldn’t be very surprising.

The writing is enjoyable, organic, and heartfelt. Every encounter between characters does a lovely job of building the world, developing a character, or invoking conflict to add suspense to an already tense movie. The banter was hilarious, and never let down. Each main character had moments where they said something warranting tears from laughter.

Overall, IT: Chapter Two was a phenomenal watch, with great visuals, cinematography, storytelling, and more. It manages to tie up any loose ends, give closure to a story that captivated audiences, and provides a great experience to any movie-goer smart enough to choose this movie over any of the other “meh” films out currently.