Science happens after dark

Skylar King, North Campus Staff

The Carnegie Science Center isn’t just for kids and class trips, it can be something that appeals to all ages.

The Carnegie Science Center features an After Dark program for those who want to relive their childhood of visiting the museum, with an adult twist.

During the day, the Science Center is full of activities for young kids and families. However, the fun begins after hours for the 18-and-older audience.

The Carnegie Science Center is a Pittsburgh staple, known for its quirky shows, displays, and features that draw kids and their families in for a day of fun and education.

From 6 to 10 p.m., the museum caters to a 21+ crowd with alcoholic beverages available and being able to “Play air hockey or launch a rocket into the air without having to elbow 8-year-olds,” according to the museum’s web page.

These events are hosted several times a month.

For those under the age of 21 but still wanting to enjoy a child-free science center, they still offer other fun after hour’s events. This allows the audience to watch movies in their Rangos Theater.

Several times a month, the museum will have movie viewings in this giant theater which provides an opportunity to view favorite classics with a new perspective on the display of the massive theater’s screen.

When bored on a Friday or Saturday night, the Science Center can offer a fun time of seeing the exhibits without children around, or being able to catch a quick film!