Psi Beta wins chapter award


Andrew Cardone

Psi Beta officers celebrate winning a chapter excellence award.

Marissa Kairis, North Campus Staff

The Psi Beta Honors Society at CCAC North has received an award for Chapter Excellence following a report made last May by faculty advisors Professor Allison Caveglia Barash and Dr. Anne Louise Daily.

The CCAC North campus chapter is the only chapter in Western Pennsylvania to win the award. Winners of the award receive a certificate and a $100 check for the club to use as needed.

“We are proud of our chapter, and we are proud of the fact we won this award,” said Barash. The report focused on how they conduct meetings, engage in community service, and elect officers. “I was vaguely aware in the back of my mind that it might mean that we may be considered for the award,” Barash said. She notes, however, that the award was not her primary motive. “It was mainly a requirement,” said Barash. “I dutifully filled it out, with the help of one of our officers last semester, and I sent it in.  Then all of a sudden, three weeks ago I got this award in the mail and a check for one-hundred dollars.”

Community service within the CCAC North chapter includes things like Meals on Wheels, a program that involves preparing and delivering meals for those who aren’t able to purchase or prepare meals themselves. Psi Beta is a psychology honors society with chapters at different schools nationwide.  “Our chapter started in 1981.  I think we were the second chapter in the country. The first one was in California,” said Barash.

While a major in psychology is not a requirement, for students to be accepted they must have a 3.25 GPA, have received an A or B in a psychology class, and have at least twelve credits.  If they meet those requirements, they are invited to join.  There are inductions in both the fall and spring. The chapter invites students to come sit in on the inductions, which feature a speaker on a psychological topic. “We have a speaker at our next induction, on November 20th,” said Barash. “He’s actually a lawyer. He’s written books on self-improvement and on how to be your best self.”