Steelers start with a slumped season

Liv Marie Behm

Four weeks into the NFL season, the Steelers’ campaign has been turned upside-down with injuries, busts and everything in between. With Ben Roethlisberger out for the season due to an elbow injury, Mason Rudolph will be put to the test, having to prove if he is ready to step up as the future hall of famer’s successor at starting quarterback.

Rudolph was in the hot seat in his first week at the helm, struggling to complete passes in the first half of the game resulting in a Steelers loss to the 49ers 24-20. The team is currently 0-3 after the week three loss to San Francisco and will look to rebound in week four against the winless Cincinnati Bengals on the 30th. The team’s schedule for October proves as a critical month for the Pittsburgh football team to determine whether they will salvage some of the games left or sink further into the almost completely dilapidated season. While they face an almost sure loss against the Baltimore Ravens in week five, it will be followed by what will surely be a competitive game against the error-prone Los Angeles Chargers in week six. Following week six, the Steelers will have a bye before playing against the struggling Miami Dolphins at Heinz Field.

The Antonio Brown drama continues after it was announced that he was released by the New England Patriots on September 20th amid multiple sexual assault allegations and reportedly attempting to intimidate and blackmail the accuser. Brown’s spiraling behavior, which now also includes a lawsuit from a Pittsburgh doctor that accused Brown of repeatedly farting in his face, for skipping on an $ 11,000 bill.  Prisk stated in the lawsuit that, “Brown owes him 11,500 in unclaimed fees and he repeatedly farted in his face during a doctor’s visit where he was having his body fat checked.” As we watch this once star player spiral out of control, there may be reason to believe Brown could be developing CTE, the concussion related disease that affected other Steelers Mike Webster and Justin Strzelczyk. Brown is now saying he “will never play in the NFL again.” Stay tuned to see if the Rudolph lead Steelers can turn this season around.