CCAC student creates film


Claire Kleffman, North Campus Editor

Darrel Pullie, a local student at CCAC North and Allegheny Campus, is an aspiring filmmaker. He has not only created a number of short films, but also creates Star Wars themed videos. Out of seventeen short films, his most recent work, Decisions, was released in September 2019.

Darrel’s Wonderland is the YouTube channel. It already has 5.78k subscribers and is still growing. There are 123 videos on his channel, including two original short films, his own reviews of others’ short films, and Star Wars theory videos. Pullie has so far directed two of his own short films, titled Dragon and Decisions.

He has a weekly upload schedule of two Star Wars theory videos a week and an annual upload schedule of one short film a year. This year’s short film was Decisions, a story about a boy who has recently gotten out of a bad relationship and eventually finds a loving relationship with his best friend.

Pullie came up with the storyline for Decisions based off of personal experiences, “Decisions portrays a relationship I had with someone who cheated on me and blamed it on her insecurities. That was a couple years ago, and in the aftermath, I felt terrible and my best friend during that time helped me through it. In time, I started to fall for my best friend, but my ex came back begging for forgiveness, this is what inspired the storyline for Decisions.”

Pullie has shown his appreciation for local camps and classes for not only connecting him with other people involved in the same passions as himself, but also getting in contact with collaborators for other short films, making friends, and meeting actors to audition for his short films. “There are multiple Facebook groups I am a part of, such as Auditions N’at and Pittsburgh Filmmakers Community. My team and I will post auditions and actors will come from all over!”

Pullie credits the majority of his inspiration and love for filmmaking to George Lucas, the director and creator of the Star Wars franchise. Pullie has stated that his interest in creating films all started simply by watching the work of many different filmmakers, especially Lucas.