Whiteboard adds a splash of color to CCAC North

Brandan Hart, North Campus Staff

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In the first hallway of the college, after making an immediate right, a mosaic is usually the first thing in view, albeit the first thing glossed over. Across the hall from the security office, to the right of the mosaic, is a whiteboard.

In an otherwise bleak hallway containing classrooms, some bathrooms, and a veteran clubhouse, the whiteboard offers a welcome splash of color.

While white is seen as the absence of color, the whiteboard offers the students of CCAC an opportunity to show their creativity, leave messages for fellow students, and come together with both faculty and each other.

On any given day, the whiteboard may feature messages to be kind and just breathe, drawings of superheros, and even poetry. The only thing more striking than the filigree on the board is the not uncommon appearance security officers smiling and interacting with the students writing and drawing on the board.

Not only if the board full of beautiful poetry, other works of art, and encouragement for tests coming up, it acts as a seasonal outlet for the stresses of students. Before a different big event happens, the board is cleared, and the collective seasonal spirit of the students is applied to it. Be it the beginning of fall, Halloween, the oh-so-dreaded midterms, or just a medley of emotion in an otherwise average week.

Although the board is covered in seasonal and otherwise thematic doodles and miscellany, the overcharging message one gets out of the board is positivity and creativity. It’s rare, even unheard of, to see something negative, unkind, uncouth, or offensive.

The whiteboard in the hall isn’t just a piece of plastic with markers to doodle on. It’s a way of connecting students with each other, faculty, and sending positive messages to stressed students who need them. The whiteboard is a welcome change of pace in an otherwise grey landscape.