Guest Column: Jumping through hoops

Dr. Barbara Brown, Professor, CCAC North

I was asked what I would say to all of our CCAC North Campus students if given the opportunity. This would be my message:
You are in some classes because you want to be and you are in some classes because they are required. Whatever the case, it is in your best interest to learn to “jump through the hoops.”
A great deal of your academic career is learning to successfully “jump through those hoops.”
What exactly does that mean then…attend every class (arrive on time and do not leave before the class ends), put your cell phones away and pay attention, take good notes (if it is written on the board it should be written in your notes), take advantage of all that the faculty offers you in class (extra credit, reviews, study guides, rewrite options, etc), submit all course work on time, always proof read your work (do not turn in work that is haphazardly completed), and talk to one another and the faculty.
Your success here at CCAC will be mirrored in your success at other schools and in the career that you choose. We want you to be successful… CCAC is a wonderful place to begin that journey.