Tips from a ‘boomer professor’

Jo Ann Hunter, Professor of Business/Accounting, CCAC North

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After more than 30 years of teaching at CCAC North Campus, I’ve taught approximately 15,000 students. I’ve seen students find both their dream careers and spouses in the classroom. I’ve taught professional athletes and three generations of at least one family. After all those years as both a business professor, department head, and academic advisor, here’s the best advice that I’ve given to students.
Course outlines are your roadmap to success. An awareness of policies will make navigating the course easier. Your challenge is to keep track of the information in every instructor’s outline.
Accept the fact that every instructor is different. Teaching styles and expectations may differ; there is still one goal in mind and that is to assure that you master course material.
Seek extra help. The college has many resources at your disposal including free tutors and success coaches. A little time you spend up front can yield positive results for the rest of your academic career.
Take at least one course you are excited about each semester. You have choices in electives, so you should pick one that makes getting up in the morning easier.

Just ask! All professors have office hours — even part-time instructors — and are actively waiting for students to attend them. The second floor is not off limits.
Get involved. CCAC has dozens of student clubs from sports teams like bowling or golf to honor societies and a Creative Arts Club.
Find the best course offerings for your schedule; we offer various times, length, and mode of classes – traditional, hybrid, and online options. Choose a schedule that fits your personal life as well as your academic needs.
Be active. Participate in the classroom. CCAC students are some of the most diverse groups at any college or university in the region. Instructors tailor their teaching styles and strategies based on the various professional and personal experiences of their students. Embracing that diversity makes CCAC very special.
Explore different academic programs. The college is a cost-effective and smart choice with dozens of majors. Take the time to experiment with different courses and find a field of study that you enjoy.
CCAC alumni are everywhere. Your peers and instructors are your neighbors, colleagues, and customers in the community. Act professionally in the classroom and around the campus as you never know who will be making your food the next time you go to your favorite restaurant or be your nurse the next time you go to the doctor.