PTK and Time Management

Nicole Russell, President of PTK Alpha Mu Theta

Time management can easily be the most important factor in being successful, and at the beginning of a semester, it is a major concern for many students. Community college students often are juggling their course work along with their careers, family obligations and extracurricular activities. If you think you are alone with your struggle to have good time management, you are wrong. If you are struggling with time management, here are four tips that have helped me.
First, organization is key–staying organized is a very important aspect to better time management. If you’re unorganized, a task that would normally take you a few minutes could take you twice the time.
Second, lists–lists are my lifeline. I like to write down my to-do’s and as I complete them, I scratch them off the list. I also keep an agenda to organize my to-do’s by day, which helps me stay on
This leads me to the third tip – make a schedule and stick to it. Keeping a schedule is super important for time management! I like to set deadlines for myself for everything so that I stay on schedule.
Lastly, prioritization is key to good time management. You need to make your schedule in such a way that prioritizes the most important tasks so that you complete those first.
Bonus tip–don’t forget to make time for self-care! Self-care is definitely the number one most important tip for successful time management.
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