Local performer sets new rapping record

Will J. Stines, West Hills Staff

Pittsburgh rapper, Frzy, breaks record for longest rap marathon.
According to a report the Pittsburgh post-Gazette published on Jan. 13, artist Harvey Daniels (a.k.a. “Frzy”, pronounced “frizzy”) broke the record for the longest rap marathon by an individual.
The record-breaking rap was recorded on Jan. 11th, 2020 at The Block Northway mall in Ross Township. The new record set is 31 hrs. with 5min breaks every hour. Frzy made sure he stayed hydrated and had two doctors on hand to provide any assistances with health during his performance. The donations and proceeds went to the MusiCares Foundation.
The Rapper Frzy was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. He didn’t always want to be a rapper. His mother prevented him to listen to it, the only exception to the rule was Will Smith. When he was in his senior year of high school, his friends entered him into a competition as a joke. When his turn came, he was nervous and could not think of what to do so he described through rap what the judges were wearing.
After that fateful day, young Harvey Daniels found what he was destined to do and Frzy was born. Harvey “Frzy” Daniels’s music career took off when he entered into local rapping competitions. He has since won numerous remarkable rap battles, including DJ Kay Slay’s Hot 97 “Drama Kings” at the Pyramid Club in NYC. After great amounts of success at the Pyramid Club, Frzy was invited to join the Nelly’s St. Lunatics tour where he performed alongside with Naughty by Nature. He soon became the spokesperson for the Subway Melt. On the road to becoming his own, he performed alongside Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Machine Gun Kelly, Wale, and others.
Frzy is best known for incredible writing and assured delivery. In 2011, he released his first mixtape, “Orientation”. His second mixtape was released in 2012 titled “iStyle”. He was so successful with iStyle that, without promotion, released “iStyle: Special Edition”. In 2016 he released his first official album titled “God King Slave”. This album includes 24 songs on a double disk. On Dec. 2 2018 he preformed at A Concert for Unity to raise money to rebuild and reopen the Tree of Life Synagogue. Before this, in October 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, he performed a hip hop version of Won’t You Be My Neighbor.
The future looks bright for Harvey “Frzy” Daniels, but what he does next will keep fans on the edges of their seats. We hope he will, at some point, bring out another album. The question is, will that be the next step for him, or will he be asked to write and perform songs for upcoming movies and other media? His mother, Brenda Daniels commented on her pride and surprise towards her son’s talents, “It was interesting because it came out of left field. I knew he liked music, but basketball was his life.”