North’s new partnership benefits students

Lindsay Butela, North Campus Staff

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The North Hills Community Outreach has partnered with CCAC North and CCAC West Hills campus to bring special programs within reach of the students. There are long-established services at CCAC North, like the food pantry that is free to students and available every Monday and Tuesday, but now both campuses are taking part in the Pathways Program, a free service that helps people achieve their goals.

Abby Reed is the NHCO representative for CCAC North campus and the case manager for the Pathways Program, which she describes as a “long-term case management program where individuals can work through various goals they have set for themselves.” She is able to help with budgeting, utility assistance, and referrals to different programs that may help save students both time and money. Shela Sluganski works in a similar capacity to Reed at the West Hills, helping students achieve their goals through the Pathways Program.

“The most beneficial aspect of the program is the opportunity for the student to work one on one with someone who is focused on helping to achieve his or her individual life goals-one step at a time,” Sluganski shares. “Students have a lot going on in life and it can be challenging to keep up with family, school, work, and other responsibilities. Through the Pathways Program, I can provide direction, resources, support, and encouragement.”

Reed shares Sluganski’s sentiments. “The personalized encouragement and support provided by the Pathways Program can be very beneficial.”

Reed and Sluganski are able to help with career development and relevant skills (resume building, interview skills, etc.), food pantry, transportation assistance, financial assistance, and job searching. These also happen to be some of the most-requested services within the program.

The ultimate goal of offering this service to students at two CCAC campuses is the students’ success. “I would ultimately like to see students succeed,” Reed says. “Success is different for every person and I want to help students recognize their strengths and build upon to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.”

The Pathways Program is free to use, and both Reed and Sluganski hope that students will come to them to make use this program and the myriad of other services available to them.
For more information, students are able to contact both Reed and Sluganski or visit Reed is at CCAC North’s Food Pantry every Tuesday from 1 PM-4 PM, or you can email her at Sluganski can be reached via email at