CCAC professor produces a new play, ‘Parlour Games’

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Aidan Segal, North Campus Editor

Kip and Jessica were planning on having a relaxing evening with friends in celebration of the anniversary of their young marriage–that was until Dave shows up to collect an age-old bet. Dave, “part genius, part madman,” insistently stays for dinner and creates conflict by broadcasting secrets about his fellow guests, “claiming to have perceived truths and mysteries about the world which others cannot comprehend.”

This is the story of “Parlour Games,” a play written and directed by CCAC adjunct professor Dan Kirk, who after more than a decade since completing the script, has finally seen his story brought to the stage.

Kirk, 48, is a Baldwin native who has acted, directed and taught theatre for over 20 years. He has completed two novels, one of which was published upon taking a hiatus from play-writing, though would return in 2005 when the original draft of “Parlour Games” was finished.

It is a play nearly 14 years in the making.

“The play began as a simple experiment to challenge myself to write something–anything–after I had been away from writing for the stage for a long time,” Kirk said.

Kirk describes the play which premiered on November 8th at Christ Lutheran Church in Duquesne, PA, as a “psychological drama” which “either ends tragically or within the ultimate sphere of hope.”

“I set a simple play in motion and explored what could happen if a character just arrived unexpectedly,” Kirk said. “I toyed around with 2 main concepts: the believable nature of what people tell us, and the truth of what people keep hidden, even if the secrets are monumental and life-shattering. Before long, I had a working script about a man (Dave) who claims he has tapped into the otherwise unused portions of human thought.”

“Parlour Games,” Kirk says, will hopefully be published by one of the New York firms, Samuel French or Dramatists Play Service, which requires stage production history before even being considered.