Make the best out of your college experience

Jeffrey Seaman, Adjunct Instructor

Over the past three years of teaching, I’ve seen a lot of struggles students tend to make.
My advice to either existing or new students is to follow these guidelines.

Make your class’s top priority. Ensure that you’re on time, you pay attention in the class, have your phone turned off or on silent mode, take notes, and be eager to learn, and participate in class discussions.

Introduce yourself to your professor, find a reason to schedule a meeting with your professor to go over an assignment and or an exam, show him or her that you are willing to work hard, and do whatever it takes to do well in the course.

Remember that college is a time to expand.

Create a positive atmosphere that will nurture you. Take all the advantages that will help you be successful during your time at college. Tap into resources that allow you to learn about internships, study abroad or travel, opportunities to work with professors on research, ways to do a job shadow in the industry. These are all important opportunities that will enhance your college experience, and help make you a marketable individual upon graduating and or moving onto a 4-year school.

In closing, remember we are young only once in our lifetime. Make the best of it. Be proud to look back on your goals that you have set, and achieved during your youth days in college. These achievements will make you a better person, and help you on the path to a successful career path.