Biofuel is the rage of the century

Braden Boni, West Hills Center Student

Biofuel is a substance that is derived from living matter. As we advance into different sources of fuel like; alcohol swamp gas power, and French fry power just to name a few.

These 3 sources of biofuel alone can help save some of the fossil fuel our earth still currently has. Alcohol can be converted to biofuel by converting things such as sugar beets, corn, and sugar cane. This can be manufactured when fungi and bacteria convert the plant material into alcohol. This similar step is relevant to the steps it takes to turn grape juice into wine. That’s why it is more cost effective and less harmful to the earth.

Swamp gas power is a biofuel which produces a methane gas. This source of power is a biofuel because it is produced when bacteria is decomposing waste. For example, swage, solid pant waste, banana peels, and cornstalks. This process is also very similar to when your stomach is digesting vegetables and sugary foods. Unlike the gas your body produces, Methane gas is stored and used as a replacement for propane and natural gas.

French fry power is a more efficient way to give power to things like trucks, trains, large machinery, and tractors. These machines are using diesel fuel, so by using the diesel it causes an absurd amount of air pollution. A way to fix most of the pollution is to use environment-friendly biodiesel. You might ask, what is biodiesel? Well, biodiesel is produced from sources of natural vegetable oils, animal fats, restraint fryers, and the horrid smelling foods in the sink traps. The reason why these components are used in biodiesel is because once these vegetable oils and animal fats are recycled and filtered, they will go through what is called a chemical process. This is the process that makes the biodiesel components form a chemical reaction to be able to use it in heavy machinery and in the diesel trucks. In my opinion, biofuel has a lot more pros than cons, but I believe it will eventually rule the fuel economy in the future.

I strongly opine that biofuel will be the stronger and more efficient way to run vehicles and other types of machinery. This is the appropriate measure to take to make sure that earth will still be able to run at optimum levels when our fossil fuels run out. Some of the reasons I believe that biofuels have more benefits overall are because it lasts longer, protects from global warming, and causes less pollution. Also, it will be around a lot longer than our fossil fuels will be at the rate we are using them. It also does not just help the environment, it helps people by creating jobs. There has been an increase in jobs since biofuel has been created. The career paths in construction and engineering have multiplied as a result. The number of jobs that have become available due to biofuel are around 684,800 with all of them being in construction. These jobs have become readily available because of the demand for biofuel. Over 36,000 jobs have become available for engineers because of the facilities that have been designed to produce biofuel.

The negative aspects that I see in biofuel are that there are not enough resources such as crops, land, and herbicides. For people to fuel machines and in cars in general, replacing 5% of diesels to biodiesels would require around 60% if today’s soy crops. Another problem that is faced is that engineers would need to convert the rest of the world’s forests and open spaces to fulfill the demands of agricultural land. Also, to keep all these resources alive we would need to use a lot of herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers.

Biofuels are going to be a significant resource in the future. They are a step above the status we are experiencing now. Biofuels are needed to make our fuel economy more efficient so we can secure the future of fuel.