Music Scene Celebrates Pitt Fest in March

Over 20 local bands play festival

Tyler Smith, North Campus Editor

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Starting March 28 to April 6, over 20 bands from and around Pittsburgh will be playing shows around areas such as Lawrenceville, Oakland, and Bloomfield in Pitt Fest 2019.

Pitt Fest is described as a celebration of the basement scene and its growth within Pittsburgh. Allowing for individuals to appreciate the arts that Pittsburgh’s musicians create in the underground scene.

Currently shows are planned to take place at Howlers in Bloomfield, The Bushnell in Spring Hill, The Mr. Roboto Project in Lawrenceville, BSS in South Oakland, and The Glitter Box Theatre in Bloomfield.

‘The first Pitt Fest was sort of a joke- It was literally on April Fools 2017, it was only one night, one venue, and nine bands.’ said Stuart of the Bushnel in a writing describing Pitt Fest.

‘Booking too many bands on a gig is something the Bushnel had been doing since conception, leading some to refer to them as “Fests.” The night was also co-organized with friends made through WPTS Radio, so naturally we booked all of the bands that our friends from Pitt were in; and “Pitt Fest” was born.’

Over the course of the last two years, Pitt Fest has found a home within the local music. Over 20 different bands including Pittsburgh’s Rue, BBGuns, and TV 2000 will perform in the 6-day music fest.
The first day is taking place on March 28 at Howlers on Liberty avenue from 7:30 to 11:55 with ‘Sleeping Witch & Saturn’, ‘The Zells’, ‘Paddy the Wanderer’, ‘Silver Car Crash’, ‘Alamoans’, and ‘Bunny Boy’ all performing.

The rest of Pitt Fest follows the same times with the second day being at The Bushnell, the third day being at The Mr. Roboto Project and Howlers, the fourth day being at BSS, the fifth day being at The Glitterbox Theater, and the last day being at The Bushnell.

‘All the money goes to the bands, because bands need payed. Maybe if Pitt Fest continues, down the line we can raise money for some sort of collegiate focused charity, like to help under privileged people pay for school or something, I don’t know, that would just make sense.’ Stuart of the Bushnell wrote in the same description mentioned earlier.

To keep up with the festival, check out the event pages listed on the venues event pages. Event passes are available, and tickets are $5 to $10 at the doors on the day of each event.