CCAC apologizes for disclosing former students’ info

Aidan Segal, North Campus Editor

May 1, 2019

The Community College of Allegheny (CCAC) reached out to law-enforcement after former students unknowingly had their personal information leaked to an individual request, according to an staff-sent email from James M. Flynn Jr.,...

Single moms turn to community college

Claire Kleffman, North Campus Staff

May 1, 2019

Jamie Gahring does her homework at her dining room table with her daughter. She has done this almost every evening since going back to school. Gahring, a student at CCAC North, is one of the growing numbers of single mothers who...

Female student pursues game design in male-dominated industry

Marissa Wiesenbach, North Campus Editor

March 6, 2019

Addie Anderson – one of the very few female students majoring in Multimedia, Programming, Simulation, and Gaming at North Campus – hopes to work in video game design after finishing her academic studies. In particular,...

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