Are CCAC recycling efforts in the dump?

Marissa Pekular, News Editor

October 9, 2019

In the last couple of years, a new era of progressive activism gained ground socially and politically in America – and its color is green. Due to the fact that climate change is being taken as a real threat, people are more...

Pennsylvania representative joins call for convention of states

Kristen Kaelin

October 9, 2019

House Representative Thomas P. Murt (R-PA) recently introduced a resolution calling for a Convention of States under with the intention of overturning two Supreme court rulings regarding campaign contributions. The resolution...

Single moms turn to community college

Claire Kleffman, North Campus Staff

May 1, 2019

Jamie Gahring does her homework at her dining room table with her daughter. She has done this almost every evening since going back to school. Gahring, a student at CCAC North, is one of the growing numbers of single mothers who...